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Robinson+Cole LLP
280 Trumbull Street
Hartford, Connecticut 06103 USA
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Phone: (860) 275-8200
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Robinson+Cole is a law firm with nine offices throughout the Northeast, Florida, and California, serving regional, national and international clients. With 200 attorneys, the firm is ranked among the 200 largest law firms in the U.S. Clients range from Fortune 500 to start.up companies, as well as nonprofit and governmental organizations. Since 1845, the firm has established a rich history of community involvement, pro bono service, celebration of diversity, and a well-recognized dedication to client service. Legal service offerings and office locations have expanded to meet the changing needs of clients. Through an understanding of a client’s industry, the nature and structure of their business, their risk tolerance, and budget considerations, the firm tailors their legal strategy to align with overall business needs. Where appropriate, alternative billing arrangements are made to provide clients with a greater degree of certainty about their legal costs. Robinson+Cole’s varied practice areas include Mergers and Acquisitions; Tax; Insurance and Business Litigation; Land Use; Environmental and Real Estate; Labor, Employment and Benefits; Privacy and Data Security and Intellectual Property and Technology.

For inquiries about Robinson+Cole LLP contact William T. Sellay.
William T. 275-8292
James A. 275-8270

Joseph B. 709-3358

ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution)
Bradford S. 275-8209
Joseph A. 557-5901

Antitrust and Trade Regulations
Bradford S. 275-8209
Kathleen M. 557-5989

Jeffrey J. 275-8252

Banking & Finance
Michael F. 275-8274
Norman (860) 275-8358

Bankruptcy, Insolvency & Creditor/Debtor
Patrick (860) 275-8200
Michael R. 275-8290

Class Action Law
Wystan M. (860) 275-8388

Kathleen M. 557-5989
William T. 275-8292

Construction & Engineering
Dennis (860) 275-8200
Gregory (860) 275-8200

Eric 462-7584

Corporate Mergers & Acquisitions
Stephen P. 451-2937
Eric 462-7584
Mitchell L. 462-7559
Joseph B. 709-3358
J. Michael 557-5957

Criminal Law
J. Tyler 275-8226
Kathleen E. 275-8231

Education & School Law
Gregory (860) 275-8200
Megan R. 275-8263

Employee Benefits & Exec. Comp.
Bruce B. 275-8267

Employment & Labor
Bruce B. 275-8267
Britt-Marie (860) 275-8200
Alice E. 275-8234
Natale V. Di 275-8329
Matthew T. 451-2965

Joey Lee 275-8227

Earl W. 275-8220

Gov't Relations, Legislation & Lobbying
Brooks (860) 275-8200
Susan J. 275-8357
Keith J. 275-8384

Healthcare & Hospital Law
Lisa M. 275-8350
Leslie J. 451-2979
Theodore J. 275-8210

Joshua S. 275-8344
Megan R. 275-8263

Information Technology
Kathleen M. 557-5989

Stephen E. 275-8255
Daniel F. 275-8315

Intellectual Property Protection, Licensing and Litigation
Nuala (860) 275-8200
Kathleen M. 557-5989
Jacqueline E. 275-8285
William T. 275-8292

Kathleen M. 557-5989
William T. 275-8292
J. Michael 557-5957

Land Use
Dwight H. 275-8228
Edward V. O' 462-7556

Bradford S. 275-8209
Rhonda J. 275-8327
James A. 275-8270

Non-Profit/Exempt Organizations
J.C. David 275-8239
Carly 451-2958

Privacy and Data Security
Linn 709-3353
Kathleen M. 557-5989

Private Equity
Stephen P. 451-2937
Eric 462-7584
Leslie J. 451-2979
J. Michael 557-5957

Professional Liability Defense and Litigation
Rhonda J. 275-8327

Public Finance
David M. 275-8390

Real Estate/Real Property and Development
Steven L. 462-7526
Debbie J. 321-7666
Andrew 451-2904
Roger A. 709-3312

Matthew J. 275-8244
Mitchell L. 462-7559

Taxation/Tax Planning
Christine E. 275-8353

Kenneth C. 275-8345
Joey Lee 275-8227

Tort Litigation/Product Liability
Eric D. 275-8225

Kenneth C. 275-8345

White Collar Crime
Edward J. 275-8297
Craig A. 275-8304

Wills, Trusts, Estates & Probate
Linda J. 275-8313
Kelly Galica 275-8332

Zoning, Planning & Land Use
Brian R. 275-8224

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