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Wiley Rein LLP
1776 K Street NW
Washington, DC 20006
Phone: (202) 719-7000
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Wiley Rein is a top 10 law firm in Washington, DC with a significant Public Policy Practice. We have a deep bench of attorneys and professionals with high-level government experience across the Legislative, Judicial, and Executive branches of government, as well as independent agencies. We routinely (almost daily) represent our clients before more than 40 U.S. federal agencies, as well as government agencies in most states, regarding complex government laws, rules, regulations, procedures, investigations, and enforcement matters impacting their business.

The firm represents a wide range of global clients, including more than 400 government contractors, top communications companies, and some of the biggest global insurance and finance organizations. Our clients generally include Fortune 1000 companies that span most industries, as well as thousands of midsize and small businesses, and more than 130 business groups, nonprofits and trade associations. Our key practices include: Corporate; Cybersecurity and Privacy; Election Law and Government Ethics; Environment & Safety, as well as Product Regulations; Global Franchise; Government Contracts; Health Care; Insurance; Intellectual Property; International Trade; Litigation; Public Policy; Telecom, Media & Technology; and White Collar.

In addition to Wiley Reinís premier practices, our other national market differentiator is the fact that the firm owns Signal Group Consulting, LLC. In pairing its considerable regulatory, litigation and public policy practices with Signal Groupís mature advocacy and strategic communications services, Wiley Rein has become the only firm in Washington, DC to bring to market a robust integrated legal, public policy, regulatory, and strategic communications offering.

For inquiries about Wiley Rein LLP contact Peter Shields.
Peter 719-3249
Alina 719-4917

Claire J. 719-7022

Consumer Product Regulation
Tracy 719-7106
Martha 719-7156

Daniel B. 719-3309

Election Law & Government Ethics
Jan Witold 719-7330
Michael E. 719-7545

Employment & Labor
Todd A. 719-7357

Environment & Safety
Tracy 719-7106
David B. 719-7102

Food, Drug & Medical Device Law
Tracy 719-7106

Robert A. 719-4481

FTC Regulation
Scott D. 719-7459

Government Contracts/Procurement
Paul F. 719-7346
Scott M. 719-3193

Healthcare & Hospital Law
Kathryn 719-7530
Dorthula H. 719-7150

Daniel J. 719-7130

Intellectual Property
A. Neal 719-4179

International Trade
Alan H. 719-3375

Attison L. Barnes, 719-7385
Richard W. 719-7468

Privacy and Data Security
Kirk J. 719-7335

Public Policy & Law
Scott 719-3273

Telecommunications, Media and Technology (TMT)
Ambassador David A. 719-7414
Kathleen A. 719-3360

White Collar Crime
Ralph J, 719-7242

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