Monday, June 25 and Tuesday, June 26, 2012
Grand Karel V, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Registration:  $995
First-time Attendee Registration:  $695
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The Role of Lawyers in Developing Solutions to the Euro Zone Crisis
History is replete with examples of when lawyers, serving clients, crafted solutions to complex international problems, sometimes even where politicians had already failed dismally in the attempt.  What role should lawyers and law firms, especially those in Europe, take in helping to develop the solutions required to guarantee Europe’s future remains stable and prosperous?
Presenting:  Robert F. (Rob) Millard, Director, Cambridge Strategy Group
Kicking the Can?
Negotiating Europe’s LBO Debt Mountain

The Life Cycle of the Client-Law Firm Relationship
This session will focus on how inside counsel select law firms and how over time that relationship progresses through several different stages.  Also to be presented will be the latest research on what creates a strong relationship between clients and outside counsel.
Presenting:  Joanna (Jo) Aitken, Director, Acritas
A World of Opportunity: The Importance of the Client Lifecycle

How Well Are Current Models of Legal Education Serving Law Firms and Their Clients?
As students’ debt loads have soared and job prospects have shrunk, law schools have found themselves on the receiving end of considerable criticism, much of which comes from those who contend that “law school is a trade school that should be producing factory-ready lawyers” for large firms.  Where should the responsibility ultimately lie for assuring clients that the lawyers on whom they depend are properly trained – and what can firms and schools do together to produce better-trained practitioners?
Presenting:  Ivo Giesen, Professor, University of Utrecht School of Law
K.C. Groves, Director, Ireland Stapleton Pryor & Pascoe (Colorado)
Graeme Menzies, Partner, Mills & Reeve (England)
How Well is Legal Education Serving Law Firms
UK Perspective: How Well is Legal Education Serving Law Firms and Their Clients

How Lawyers Can Benefit from Using Social Media
Even if you think social media is a passing and irrelevant fad, it’s hard to argue credibly that Facebook’s more than 900 million users are making a silly, misguided use of an irrelevant service.  There’s no question its devotees find something of value through online participation.  What is it your clients value about social media, and how you can use this information to your advantage? 
Presenting:  Johan Koggink, Managing Director, Van Benthem & Keulen (Netherlands)
Steffen Thejll-Moller, Associate Director of Digital, Fleishman-Hillard Brussels
David Wolff, Associate Director of Digital, Fleishman-Hillard Amsterdam

How Lawyers Can Benefit From Using Social Media

Legal Process Outsourcing:  The Savvy Law Firm’s Strategy for Driving Growth, 
Revenue, and Cutting Costs
Corporate clients are demanding reductions in legal fees and related costs.  Corporate legal departments are increasingly using LPOs to help them achieve this goal.  This session will explore how partnering with an LPO can provide law firms with a significant advantage in competing for new clients.
Presenting:  Vivek Hatti, Client Director, CPA Global
Bill Moreau, Partner, Barnes & Thornburg (Indiana)
Legal Process Outsourcing: The Savvy Law Firm’s Strategy for Driving Growth, Revenue, and Cutting Costs

How Behavior Affects Negotiating Outcomes: Strategies and Tactics 
for Achieving Your Client’s Objectives
This session will cover a number of fundamental principles underlying the negotiations process, such as ZOPA, BATNA, WATNA, priming and anchoring.  Differences between distributive and interest-based negotiation styles and how to deal with them, especially when one meets the other, will be examined.  Building on the negotiation session at the Barcelona meeting, this session will touch on cultural issues in negotiations, including high-context and low-context cultures.
Presenting:  Martin Brink, Partner, Van Benthem & Keulen (Netherlands)
Martijn Steger, Partner, Kegler Brown Hill & Ritter (Ohio)


Recent E-invoicing Developments in the EU
In 2010 a new directive was adopted with the aim of simplifying the rules for electronic invoicing throughout the European Union.  How much has happened since then, and how might an uptake in electronic invoicing affect clients doing business in the EU?  What does electronic invoicing have to do with protecting your client’s trade secrets and minimizing antitrust risks?
Presenting:  Phillip Schmandt, Partner, McGinnis Lochridge & Kilgore (Texas)
Recent E-invoicing Developments in the EU