Wednesday, June 17 and Thursday, June 18, 2015
Rome Cavalieri, Rome, Italy

Registration:  $1,395
First-time Attendee Registration:  $995
(available for members who have never attended an SCG meeting)

Justice and Economic Growth: The Reforms Made and That Remain To Be Made
An effective justice system – respected, independent and efficient – is indispensable to a nation’s economic success. Predictable, timely and enforceable legal decisions contribute to trust and stability, thus spurring entrepreneurial activity and investment. The impact of recent justice reforms, as well as of those that have as yet only been proposed, on the functioning of the Italian economy will be explored.
Moderator: Massimo Di Terlizzi, Pirola Pennuto Zei & Associati (Italy) 
Speaker: Paola Severino, Former Italian Minister of Justice and Professor of Law

Where the Legal Market Is Headed Next  
Since the Great Recession, the market for legal services has changed in fundamental ways, most notably in its shift from a sellers’ to a buyers’ market. This change, coupled with modest growth in the demand for legal services, the decision of many corporate clients to keep more legal work in-house, the disaggregation of services among many different service providers, and the growth in market share of non-traditional competitors, has produced considerably more competition for clients than existed prior to 2008. This session, which will feature both in-house and outside counsel, will look at the changed market realities and what they portend for the future of the way legal services are procured and delivered. 
Moderator: Massimo Di Terlizzi, Pirola Pennuto Zei & Associati (Italy) 
Panelists: Roberto Padova, Pirola Pennuto Zei & Associati (Italy) 
Tom Pickthorn, Mills & Reeve (England) 
Gabriella Porcelli, General Counsel, Philip Morris Italia S.r.l. 
Herman Raspe, Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler (New York, New York)

The Use of the Network as a Business Development & Service Delivery Tool
Following on the morning’s earlier presentation, attendees will be divided into three groups to discuss the benefits of the network in delivering legal services to multinational clients more effectively and strategies for collaboration among member firms.
Group 1: Claudia Barrero, Philippi, Prietocarrizosa & Uría (Colombia) 
Henry Bubel, Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler (New York, New York
Group 2: Andrea Gottardo, Pirola Pennuto Zei & Associati (Italy) 
Graeme Menzies, Mills & Reeve (England)
Group 3: Alice van der Schee, Van Benthem & Keulen (Netherlands) 
Martijn Steger, Kegler Brown Hill + Ritter (Ohio)

Ukraine: Quo Vadis
One year ago, Ukraine blasted onto front pages of newspapers around the world with mass demonstrations that led to the ouster of pro-Russian President Viktor Yanukovych. In March 2014, Russian President Putin’s military forces laid claim to Crimea and began to stoke hostilities in the coal-mining region of the Donbass, leading to a civil war. This presentation will outline the relevant history behind the crisis in Ukraine and assess the current situation in terms of its political, economic, legal, social, and cultural ramifications. 
Moderator: David Poisson, SCG Legal (Washington, DC) 
Speaker: Timur Bondaryev, Arzinger (Ukraine) 

Ukraine, – yesterday, today, tomorrow, – Quo Vadis?!

A Look at the Future Organizational Structure of Law Firms
The traditional law firm partnership model is increasingly coming under pressure from without and within. External forces, such as increased competition and client demands for customized fee arrangements, will ultimately compel firms to adopt new approaches to improve efficiency and lower costs. To differentiate themselves from competitors, some firms will likely take on non-lawyers to tap new markets and clients. Internally, tensions may increase between income and equity partners and salaried associates. The pressures on firms may even spur some firms to consider reconstituting themselves as alternative business structures – or ABSs – replete with non-lawyer owners. This session will explore some of the potential impacts the changes taking place in the legal profession are having on existing legal business structures and models, and measures being examined or that have already been adopted in certain jurisdictions to help law firms become more competitive. 
Moderator: David Poisson, SCG Legal (Washington, DC) 
Panelists: David Bain, Bull Housser & Tupper (British Columbia, Canada) 
Andrea Gottardo, Pirola Pennuto Zei & Associati (Italy) 
Julian Henwood, Wragge Lawrence Graham & Co (England) 
Ed Paton, Hall & Wilcox (Australia) 

Social Media Marketing: What’s In It for You?
Even if you think social media is a passing and irrelevant fad, it’s hard to argue credibly that Facebook’s more than one billion users are making a silly, misguided use of an irrelevant service. There’s no question its devotees find something of value through online participation. What is it your clients value about social media, and how you can use this information to your advantage?
Moderator: Massimo Di Terlizzi, Pirola Pennuto Zei & Associati (Italy) 
Speaker: Federico Steiner, Barabino & Partners 

Social Media Marketing: What’s In It for You?