Tuesday, May 17 and Wednesday, May 18, 2016
Zurich Marriott Hotel, Zurich, Switzerland

Registration:  $1,395
First-time Attendee Registration:  $995
(available for members who have never attended an SCG meeting)

Insurance Special Interest Group Meeting
With this meeting, SCG Legal will launch the formation of its insurance special interest group. This session will be less of a discussion about insurance law, and more of an exploration of strategies we can pursue as a group to get on insurance panels, including how to identify the best point of contact in an insurance company, how insurance companies are organized to manage the panel process, and what some of the most effective ways are for a group like ours to market itself to panel managers. The meeting is open to all interested attendees. A light breakfast will be served.
Paul Spibey, Partner, Mills & Reeve (England) 
Matthew Curll, Partner, Hall & Wilcox (Australia) 
Aaron Le Marquer, Partner, Tilleke & Gibbins (Thailand) 
Moya Stevenson, Corporate Solutions Claims Director, Swiss Re

What’s Next for FIFA?
Moving past a scandal in which its entire leadership was under scrutiny for wrongdoing, football’s international governing body earlier this year passed a series of reforms aimed, in the words of FIFA’s newly elected president, Gianni Infantino, “to bring football back to FIFA and FIFA back to football.” Among the reforms are term limits for FIFA leaders, full disclosure of the salaries they’re paid, and an increase in the number of women in FIFA’s leadership structure. This presentation will examine these and other reforms that have been approved and their prospects for improving governance of the sport and boosting FIFA’s integrity and transparency.
Introduction:Thomas Bähler, Partner, Kellerhals Carrard (Switzerland) 
Speaker: François Carrard, Partner, Kellerhals Carrard (Switzerland), & Chairman, 2016 FIFA Reform Committee

Evolution of the Relations Between Sport, Legal Order and Society

Time Beautifully Filled: Reflections on the Challenges Facing Davidoff & the Luxury-Goods Market
As one of Switzerland’s most iconic luxury brands, Oettinger Davidoff AG has since its founding stood for innovation, passion and integrity. Its employees are expected to abide by a code of conduct, and through its Davidoff Art Initiative it fosters cultural exchanges between the Caribbean and the rest of the world. And though its business is cigars, it maintains that its products haven’t as much to do with smoking as taking time with a friend, either to relax or celebrate a special occasion – in other words, “time beautifully filled.” This presentation will feature its leader’s reflections on the state of the global luxury market, the regulatory challenges Davidoff faces today, and the measures being taken to expand and protect the company’s brand.
Introduction:David Poisson, CEO, SCG Legal (Washington, DC)
Speaker: Hans-Kristian Hoejsgaard, CEO, Oettinger Davidoff AG

Time Beautifully Filled in a Legally Challenging Market

The Law-Firm Network Model: Pitfalls & Prospects
Like most law firm networks, SCG Legal was founded on the premise that the best strategy for developing new business is to position itself geographically, an approach that until recently remained successful because few firms ever wandered far outside their territorial boundaries. This, however, is no longer true. Many of our “legacy” firms, in addition to being substantially larger than they were two decades ago, practice in multiple jurisdictions, many of them not only in different countries but on different continents, as well. This session will examine how well SCG Legal’s traditional business model is serving its member firms – and the options available to drive more business their way. 
Speaker: David Poisson, CEO, SCG Legal (Washington, DC)

Can the EU Be Saved?
Sustaining stable, democratic, and economically successful states in its surrounding regions is a strategic priority and core interest for the European Union. However, Europe’s neighborhood is currently confronting a series of critical humanitarian, security, and financial crises, with instability spilling over into EU member states. To respond to the challenges and radical changes taking place along its borders, the EU’s approach toward deepening relations with its neighbors, promoting stability, and supporting democratic and economic reforms must also evolve. This session will examine the current challenges the European Union faces in the region and the prospects for its future. 
Moderator: David Poisson, CEO, SCG Legal (Washington, DC)
Presenters:Vassilis Avramopoulos, Managing Partner, Avramopoulos & Partners (Greece) 
Tom Pickthorn, Partner, Mills & Reeve (England)
Alice van der Schee, Partner, Van Benthem & Keulen (Netherlands) 

Can the EU be saved – Brexit

More Than Just a Game: Resolving Disputes in Modern Sports
Sports are big business and an industry in its own right. Globally, it is worth more than 3% of world trade, and in the EU accounts for 4% of the combined gross national product of the 28 member states. Consequently, there is much at stake on and off the playing field – both from a sports and economic standpoint. Sports not only generate considerable sums for sports bodies, athletes, host cities and countries but also inevitably give rise to many disputes. This session will examine the various forms of alternative dispute resolution sports have used to make certain the interests of all who benefit from their popularity are protected.
Moderator: Ross Wenzel, Partner, Kellerhals Carrard (Switzerland)
Presenters: Mark Hovell, Partner, Mills & Reeve (England)
Omar Ongaro, Head of Players’ Status and Governance Department, FIFA 

The CAS – Its Role in Resolving Disputes in Modern Sports 
The Dispute Resolution System Within the Framework of FIFA
Doping Disputes

Is Arbitration Losing Its Luster?
Arbitration was supposed to herald the resolution of disputes without costly, protracted courtroom battles. But lately criticism has been mounting that arbitration is taking on many of the characteristics of civil trials, with broader discovery, bigger briefs, and more procedural challenges to the arbitration. As a result, a growing number of businesses are turning away from arbitration and returning to the courts. This session will examine some of the factors that have led to arbitration’s current woes and provide recommendations for maintaining arbitration as a more streamlined, cost-effective way of resolving disputes.
Moderator: François Kaiser, Partner, Kellerhals Carrard (Switzerland) 
Presenters:  Martin Molina, Partner, Kellerhals Carrard (Switzerland) 
Christoph Müller, Dean of the Law Faculty, University of Neuchâtel, & Member, Swiss Chambers’ Arbitration Institution Arbitration Court

Is Arbitration Losing Its Luster
Furthering Efficiency in International Arbitration
Is Arbitration Losing Its Luster

The Millennials Are Here: What It Means for Your Firm 
Adults between 18 and 35 have become the largest age group in the workplace, eclipsing both Generation X and baby boomers. They were raised by parents who discussed everything with them, rather than telling them what to do. They’ve been told they should do what they love. They like to work collaboratively and want recognition, even for little things. What impact will this generation of lawyers have on your firm – and, more importantly, what steps can you take to insure that the millennials in your firm become full contributors to its success? 
Moderator: David Poisson, CEO, SCG Legal (Washington, DC)
Presenters: Anna-Antonina Gottret, Attorney at Law, Kellerhals Carrard (Switzerland)
Piroska Poltéra, Associate, Kellerhals Carrard (Switzerland)
Florence Wyler, Attorney at Law, Kellerhals Carrard (Switzerland)

Insurance-Coverage Litigation Issues Arising Out of Natural Catastrophes
This session will examine recent developments in the field of disaster-coverage litigation, focusing on the challenges of presenting evidence to the jury, the process of hiring the right experts, and the importance of staying abreast of new developments in this evolving area of the law. Additionally, the presenters will discuss the impact of recent disasters on insurance-coverage disputes, including Superstorm Sandy, Hurricanes Katrina and Andrew, the terrorist attacks of 9/11, and the 2011 Christchurch earthquake, among others. 
Moderator: Christoph Frey, Partner, Kellerhals Carrard (Switzerland)
Presenters: Stephen Goldman, Managing Partner, Robinson+Cole (Connecticut) 
Richard Johnstone, Partner, Wynn Williams (New Zealand) 
Christian Lang, Claims Key Case Advisor, Swiss Re

Natural Perils Insurance in Switzerland 
Business Interruption and Catastrophes