Thursday, September 7 and Friday, September 8, 2017
Hilton Denver Inverness
, Denver, Colorado

Registration:  $1,395

Newcomers Meeting
If this is your first time attending an SCG Legal meeting, or you are relatively new to the practice of law, plan to attend this exclusive pre-meeting session for newcomers only. The meeting will provide practical tips for how to make the most of the networking opportunities SCG Legal affords. Advance registration is not required.
Presiding: David Poisson, SCG Legal (District of Columbia).

Opening Session
Welcome: Henry Bubel, Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler (New York, New York), SCG Legal Chairman 
Introduction: Erica Tarpey, Ireland Stapleton Pryor & Pascoe (Colorado)
Speaker: Omar-Pierre Soubra, Director of Marketing & Communications, Trimble Inc.

The Internet of Things: Understanding the Legal Framework
Because IoT spans so many different industry sectors, new and challenging questions are being raised about the application of current laws to what is undeniably one of the fastest growing, transformative and disruptive technological developments in decades. How will IoT be regulated, and who will have jurisdiction over IoT-related issues? What changes to our current legal framework will have to be made to address the many as yet unresolved issues pertaining to public safety, communications, security, privacy, product liability, and patent claims, to name just a few? This session will explore how governments and technologists might respond to make IoT devices more secure and safe.
Moderator: K.C. Groves, Ireland Stapleton Pryor & Pascoe (Colorado)
Presenters: Kevin Calder, Mills & Reeve (England)
Anna Gomez, Wiley Rein (District of Columbia)
Kathleen Porter, Robinson+Cole (Connecticut) 

IoT: Understanding the Regulatory Framework
Who’s in Charge of Regulating the Internet of Things?
The Internet of Things: The EU Legal Framework
The IoT Revolution and Our Digital Security: Principles for IoT Security

Technology, Privacy & Lawyer Ethics
With the advent of IoT, countless new ethical issues are coming to the fore. The data being amassed through people’s use of wearables, mobile devices and other “smart” technology is producing massive amounts of discoverable information, with implications for legal practitioners of every stripe. This session will explore how lawyers should go about advising their clients regarding data analytics including the collection, use and storage of sensitive and confidential information, as well as provide insights into how to make certain they’re properly fulfilling their duties of competence and confidentiality. 
Introduction: David Poisson, SCG Legal (District of Columbia) 
Speaker: Booth Goodwin, Goodwin & Goodwin (West Virginia) 

Technology, Privacy & Lawyer Ethics

The Next Industrial Revolution: How IoT Will Change the Way People Live, Work & Play
IoT is unquestionably one of the most significant technological developments to occur in our lifetimes, with 50 billion devices expected to be connected to the Internet by 2020. As the market for connected devices grows, the legal challenges associated with these devices will likewise proliferate. While privacy and security issues will dominate, they will not be the only legal risks that will have to be taken into account. Determining the legal risks associated with any given IoT device will depend on the uses to which it is put, the data it collects and where it is sold or used. This session will feature a discussion about three of IoT’s most popular devices – driverless cars, drones and wearables – and examine the legal developments their widespread adoption for both personal and commercial uses is likely to spawn.
Moderator: Graeme Menzies, Mills & Reeve (England)
Presenters: Erika Carrasco, Field Law (Alberta)
Tom Downey, Ireland Stapleton Pryor & Pascoe (Colorado)
Stephan Menzemer, Graf von Westphalen (Germany) 

The Next Industrial Revolution: How IoT Will Change the Way People Live Work & Play

Complex Investigation & Litigation Opportunities: Where to Find Them & How to Fund Them
Among the key attributes for which SCG Legal’s member firms have long been known has been their close ties to the state capitals in the jurisdictions in which they practice as well as the considerable experience many of their practitioners have had in state government. This session will explore several strategies member firms can employ to leverage their expert knowledge of state government to compete for large-scale, state-level investigation and litigation opportunities. Also to be examined will be the business acquisition strategies, technology tools, electronic discovery protocols, and funding vehicles available to help firms more effectively undertake these types of civil actions.
Moderator: Howard Reissner, Planet Data (New York)
Presenters: James Batson, Bentham IMF (New York)
Michael Berman, Rifkin Weiner Livingston (Maryland)
Marilyn Gartley, Assistant Attorney General, Office of the South Carolina Attorney General
Michael Wade, Planet Data (New York) 

Complex Litigation 
Commercial Litigation Finance: A Primer For Counsel and Clients 
Common Sense Often Makes Good Law

Multistate Taxation: What You Need to Know in the Internet Age
Technology has revolutionized how products and services are delivered around the world. For many years, however, the standards to bring a company within the taxing “nexus” of a state or locality required it to have a physical presence within the jurisdiction. State and local governments have attempted to expand their reach and impose corporate income and sales tax collection and remittance responsibilities in recent years, including on many companies that offer and deliver their services remotely and in emerging ways. Think Airbnb, Lyft and other denizens of the sharing economy. Disputes over the scope and reach of multistate taxation have been waged in Congress, statehouses, and in frequent litigation across the country. This session will examine the traditional framework and key concepts of multistate taxation, as well as the current changing landscape, with a focus on the impact on technology companies, thereby enabling you to add value for your clients who must constantly be aware of, comply with and plan for the shifting landscape of state and local taxes.
Moderator: Henry Bubel, Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler (New York, New York), SCG Legal Chairman 
Presenters: Jon Eggleston, Primmer Piper Eggleston & Cramer (Vermont)
Stacey Sprinkle, Vice President of Federal Tax Policy, Verizon 
Christopher Sullivan, Rath Young & Pignatelli (New Hampshire) 

Multi-State Taxation: What Your Clients (and You!) Need to Know in the Internet Age

Women & the Challenges of Law Firm Leadership
While better than half of all law school graduates today are women, fewer than 35% of lawyers at law firms are female – and only 20% are equity partners, a figure that hasn’t changed in recent years, according to the recently released “2017 Law360 Glass Ceiling Report.” What must women do to become the effective leaders their firms need them to be? The panelists – all accomplished law firm leaders in their own right – will discuss the importance of women taking control of their careers, and offer suggestions about how to do it. The session will also examine the unique challenges leadership presents for women, describe how law firm politics, structure, and culture affect leadership, and identify leadership paths women can pursue to avoid having their career objectives derailed.
Moderator: Erica Tarpey, Ireland Stapleton Pryor & Pascoe (Colorado)
Presenters: Lisa Borsook, WeirFoulds (Ontario, Canada)
Celeste Bruce, Rifkin Weiner Livingston (Maryland)
Sherry Young, Rath Young & Pignatelli (New Hampshire)

Inside IoT: In-house Insights
In-house counsel from several leading technology firms will discuss the challenges facing their companies and what they’re doing to address them. In what ways do these attorneys see their companies growing increasingly vulnerable to legal risks as a result of the growth of IoT? What concerns do they have about the types of IoT issues that may arise in the future? What benefits to their companies and the economy do they expect the dramatic advances in IoT will yield? What suggestions for outside counsel have they for how to do a more effective job of working with companies in this rapidly expanding and highly dynamic market?
Moderator: Walt Lemanski, Ireland Stapleton Pryor & Pascoe (Colorado)
Presenters: Mark Damschroder, Chief Legal Officer & General Counsel, Revolar 
Nidhi Kumar, General Counsel & Senior Vice President of Industry Affairs, Drizly
Becky Marquez, Deputy General Counsel, Ring