Friday, March 17 and Saturday, March 18, 2017
Loews Miami Beach
, Miami, FL

Registration:  $1,395

Practicing Law at the Speed of Light: Coping in an Era of Hyper-change
Unprecedented change continues to disrupt businesses all over the world. While it enjoyed immunity for a number of years, the legal profession is now reeling from the same forces. The effects of change are not just economic. There are serious psychological consequences as well. This session will examine the latest research on the lawyer personality, and elucidate how lawyers cope with change. It will also provide three principles for creating a preferred future for organizations like ours in today’s legal market.
Presenter: Dr. Larry Richard, Founder, LawyerBrain
Practicing Law at the Speed of Light: Coping in an Era of Hyper-change

Becoming More than a Chowder & Marching Club: What’s It Going to Take?
The late Andy Grove once said, “Success breeds complacency. Complacency breeds failure. Only the paranoid survive.” As was discussed at the 2016 annual meeting, SCG Legal has had a very successful run over the last 28 years. However, what got it here isn’t going to be good enough to get it there any longer. It has to adapt. This session will focus on the options for change being considered by the board of directors, and invite comments from attendees about which they believe will likely yield the most promising outcomes. 
Presenters: Henry Bubel, Partner, Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler, & Chairman, SCG Legal
David Poisson, CEO, SCG Legal

Becoming More than a Chowder & Marching Club: What’s It Going to Take? 

“Future-proofing” Your Firm: Keys to Developing an Effective Succession Plan
Whether you’re recruiting, developing or rewarding talent, what really matters is having people who can build strong, trusted relationships with clients and deliver high-quality advice that will keep them coming back for more. But what do you do when that talent retires – or decamps unexpectedly to a competitor or an in-house role? This is why sound succession planning is so critical to the long-term sustainability of any law firm. This session will focus on the steps firms should take to “future-proof” themselves, in order to assure clients of a smooth changing of the guard – and the firm, of a lasting client base.
Presenters: Shivpriya Nanda, Partner, J. Sagar Associates
Herman Raspé, Partner, Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler 
Cristina Sánchez Vebber, Partner, Sánchez Devanny
Sajai Singh, Partner, J. Sagar Associates

“Future-proofing” Your Firm: Keys to Developing an Effective Succession Plan
Jyoti Sagar
Jorge Sanchez Devanny 

Marketing & Business Development: Strategies for Winning & Maintaining Client Loyalty
Among the many challenges firms face in today’s legal market, none perhaps is greater than the erosion of client loyalty, something which Citi Private Bank’s “2017 Client Advisory” says will require firms to “invest more in their business development teams,” in order to develop and maintain “strong personal client relationships.” This session will examine the most impactful uses to which firms can apply their marketing and business development resources, as well as strategies for maximizing the value of your firm’s membership in our network. 
Presenters: Jennifer Bankston, Chief Marketing & Business Development Officer, McGinnis Lochridge
Alina Gorokhovsky, Chief Marketing Officer, Wiley Rein
Graeme Menzies, Of Counsel, Mills & Reeve, & Vice Chairman, SCG Legal
Edward Mullins, Partner, Astigarraga Davis 

Mining Our Strengths Through Cross-Selling
Mills & Reeve Video