Thursday, June 7 and Friday, June 8, 2018
Grange St. Paul’s Hotel, London, England

Registration:  $1,395

Insurance Group Meeting
Presiding: Neil Davis, Mills & Reeve (England)
Stephen King, Mills & Reeve (England)

Education Group Meeting
Presiding: Gary Attle, Mills & Reeve (England)
Chris Ince, Secretary, University of London School of African & Oriental Studies Board of Trustees
Chris Felts, Barnes & Thornburg (Indiana)

Food & Beverage Group Meeting
Presiding: Michael Aubrey, Mills & Reeve (England)
Trefor Griffith, Partner, Grant Thornton
Craig Hodgson, Mills & Reeve (England)

Food and Beverage Sector
M&A Activity in the F&B Sector

Welcome & Opening Remarks
Presenter: Justin Ripman, Mills & Reeve (England) 
Welcome and Opening Remarks

Artificial Intelligence & the Future of Law
Artificial intelligence, or the ability of computers to perform intelligent tasks normally done by humans, has been a trending topic in the law lately – and with good cause. It has the capacity to completely transform the way lawyers work. This session, featuring one of the world’s leading authorities in the field of legal technology, will examine the status of artificial intelligence in the legal workplace and its likely impact on the future of law, law firms and corporate legal departments.
Presenter: Richard Susskind, Author, Tomorrow’s Lawyers
Tomorrow’s Lawyers: An Introduction to Your Future
Artificial Intelligence is Grabbing the Attention of Lawmakers But Do They Have the Answers?

Brexit & the Future of London
The U.K. voted in a June 23, 2016, referendum to exit the EU – and ever since the pundits have predicted, as a result, London will forfeit its status as the world’s preeminent financial capital. But will it? Research shows that London could end up £43 billion stronger after the U.K. leaves the EU. And surveys reveal that more than two-thirds of London’s financial services firms plans to recruit staff over the next 12 months. Our speaker, the 684th Lord Mayor of the City of London and Alderman of the Ward of Langbourn, will offer his insights on what the future holds for London in a post-Brexit world and what impact the U.K.’s exit from the EU is likely to have on the City’s legal services industry. 
Presenter: Alderman Sir David Wootton, 684th Lord Mayor of London 
Brexit & the Future of London

The Global Life Sciences Sector: Challenges & Opportunities 
Global life sciences companies today find themselves facing an increasingly uncertain future. Issues regarding cost and pricing, clinical and operational innovation, customer and consumer engagement, and regulatory compliance abound. In addition, new and evolving technology advancements, such as highly sophisticated electronic medical record systems, wearable medical devices, next-generation sequencing, breakthroughs in genomics, immunotherapy, and gene therapy, and the use of real-world evidence and data analytics, have all primed the life sciences sector for disruption. This session will explore current issues affecting the global life sciences sector and trends affecting companies in this sector as they adapt, build and grow for the future, providing legal and policy strategies they may need to pursue to surmount the challenges that lie ahead. 
Moderator: James Fry, Mills & Reeve (England)
Presenters: Glenn Crocker, CEO, BioCity Group
Jon Green, Vice President of Business Operations, MedImmune 
Christian Hill, CEO, MAP Biopharma
Leonid Shapiro, Candesic Limited
Life Science Law

GDPR & Priorities in Global Privacy 
If you’ve managed to avoid hearing about the General Data Protection Regulation before now then you should count yourself lucky. For many global businesses, this has been a high priority issue sucking up resources and management time. Though the GDPR is big news, the truth about its impact is often hidden by myth and misunderstanding. Headlines about Cambridge Analytica have only served to heighten anxiety. In case you haven’t heard, two weeks ago, the GDPR replaced the EU’s venerable Data Protection Directive, which dated back to 1995 – three years before the birth of Google and a long, long time before Cambridge Analytica was making headlines. With the new law now in force (and many international businesses still struggling to catch up with the new rules), this session will examine some key issues the GDPR raises for the global marketplace. When is the GDPR relevant to your clients?  What should they be doing now? What trends are we starting to see in transactions relating to privacy as a result of the GDPR? What’s next for global privacy, particularly in the context of Brexit? 
Moderator: Peter Wainman, Mills & Reeve (England)
Presenters: Robert Boekhorst, Van Benthem & Keulen (Netherlands)
Áine Cadogan, Mason Hayes & Curran (Ireland)
Stephan Menzemer, Graf von Westphalen (Germany) 
Kathleen Porter, Robinson+Cole (Connecticut) 

GDPR: Next Steps…

What’s Weighing Most on the Minds of Today’s In-house Counsel? 
The scope of every in-house counsel’s responsibilities is expanding exponentially, encompassing everything from globalization to data privacy and cybersecurity to the proliferation of regulations across agencies and jurisdictions around the globe. This session will feature a discussion among several leading in-house attorneys about the surge in the number of issues with which they have to deal – and what law firms can do to help their in-house clients keep up. 
Moderator: Claire Clarke, Mills & Reeve (England)
Presenters: John-Paul Martin, General Counsel, Domino Printing Sciences 
Michael Miller, Chief Legal Officer, JMJ Associates
Simon Moynihan, Director of Legal – Western Europe, Iron Mountain
Deborah Robinson, Head of Legal, British Council

Law, Technology & the Driverless Revolution
Spurred by the efforts of technology titans like Google, major manufacturers like General Motors and Tesla, and new automotive industry entrants like Uber and Apple, the driverless revolution has arrived. Tomorrow’s self-driving cars will rely on a combination of familiar driver-assist features combined with newly developed computer hardware and software, working together to make driving decisions based on input from sensors, cameras, and the surrounding environment. In much the same way, the legal issues related to autonomous vehicles will be addressed using a combination of existing law and new legislation. This session will examine emerging autonomous vehicle technology and the potential impact of the driverless revolution on product liability and data security law.
Presenter: Stephen Hamilton, Mills & Reeve (England) 
Why Driverless Cars Will Save Lives

Reinvigorating the Idea Behind Law Firm Networks
Microsoft founder Bill Gates is credited with once having said, “We always overestimate the change that will occur in the next two years and underestimate the change that will occur in the next ten. Don’t let yourself be lulled into inaction.” SCG Legal has had a very successful run over the last 29 years. But times, business models and the practice of law have all changed. SCG Legal has to adapt. This session will focus on the options for change being considered by the board of directors, and invite comments from attendees about which they believe will likely yield the most promising outcomes.
Presenters: Graeme Menzies, Mills & Reeve (England), SCG Legal Chairman 
David Poisson, SCG Legal  (District of Columbia), CEO

Reinvigorating the Idea Behind Law Firm Networks