Thursday, May 16, and Friday, May 17, 2019
InterContinental Presidente Hotel, Mexico City, Mexico

Registration:  $1,395

USMCA & Future Global Trade Policy
The recently concluded negotiations of the USMCA signal a new chapter in North American trade policy, affecting the future of global trade relations and the rules-based international trading system. This session will examine the course of the negotiations, explain what was achieved and what wasn’t, and analyze some of the more controversial new provisions in the agreement. Also to be discussed will be what the agreement means for businesses and the relationship between North America and other regions, including the CPTPP countries, China and the EU.
Moderator: Turenna Ramírez Ortiz, Partner, Sánchez Devanny (Mexico)
Presenters: Alan Price, Partner & International Trade Chair, Wiley Rein (Washington, D.C.)
Kenneth Smith Ramos, Former Chief Mexico NAFTA/USMCA Negotiator & Partner, AGON    

The Use of Regional Compliance Programs to Stem Corruption
Getting local buy-in is essential to successful compliance efforts. It can facilitate an efficient compliance environment that works with operations instead of a program that creates obstacles, undermining a company’s business functions. But achieving local buy-in in Latin America is not always easy. Introducing concepts like third-party due diligence, compliance certifications, and audit rights over business partners can be perceived as intrusive, even when the local person or entity has nothing to hide. This session will examine some of the compliance programs being used in Latin America to help overcome these challenges and create a more favorable business climate.
Moderator: Daniel Maldonado Alcántara, Partner, Sánchez Devanny (Mexico)
Presenters: Luis Alcalde, Director, Kegler Brown Hill + Ritter (Ohio)
Patrick Kelkar, Partner, Mintz Group (New York)
Compliance and Local Buy In

What’s Weighing Most on the Minds of Today’s In-house Counsel?
The scope of every in-house counsel’s responsibilities is expanding exponentially, encompassing everything from globalization to data privacy and cybersecurity to the proliferation of regulations across agencies and jurisdictions around the globe. This session will feature a discussion among several leading in-house attorneys about the surge in the number of issues with which they have to deal – and what law firms can do to help their in-house clients keep up.
Moderator: Francisco Andrés Gámez Garza, Partner, Sánchez Devanny (Mexico)
Presenters: Wendy Alcalá, Vice President of Legal & Compliance, Nestlé Mexico
Claudia Luna, General Counsel, Grupo Herdez

Doing Business in Mexico
With a population roughly 40% the size of the U.S. and a territory close to three times the size of Texas, Mexico is the 11th largest economy in the world. It has a network of 12 Free Trade Agreements with 46 countries, and nine more will be added with the renewed Trans-Pacific Partnership. In addition, Mexico is the U.S.’ second largest export market and its third largest source of imports. This session will provide an overview of key recent developments affecting how business is done in Mexico, as well as an introduction to the legal system, foreign investment, and business entities and their relevant restrictions and liabilities.
Moderator: David Poisson, CEO, SCG Legal
Presenters: Christopher Felts, Partner, Barnes & Thornburg (Indiana)
Jorge Luis Torres Aguilar, President, FedEx Express Mexico, & President, American Chamber of Commerce of Mexico
ACM Annual Report

Global Prospects for the Energy Sector
Energy systems around the globe are undergoing rapid transitions that will greatly affect how cars are fueled, homes are heated, and industries are powered. These trends will have significant implications for businesses, governments and individuals in the years ahead. This session will examine some of the major economic, environmental and social policies shaping the future of the energy sector, including the growing presence of renewable resources in the energy system, the rising share of wind and solar in the capacity mix, the decline in demand for gas, slowing oil demand growth, and a reduction in coal use.
Moderator: Gerardo Prado Hernández, Partner, Sánchez Devanny
Presenters: Aldo Flores Quiroga, Former Vice Minister of Hydrocarbons, Mexico Ministry of Energy
Donald Jackson, Partner, McGinnis Lochridge (Texas)
Global Prospects for the Energy Sector

Women, Leadership & the Law
Over the last decade, the number of countries that have enacted legal reforms advancing women’s rights has grown considerably. Today, all but 32 countries legally guarantee gender equality, and a record number now prohibit discrimination or violence against women. While these gains demonstrate that progress is possible, barriers to female economic enfranchisement persist in every region of the world. In order to realize the economic potential of 50% of the world’s population, nations need to do more to level the playing field for women. This session will discuss the legal strategies that will be required to remove the greatest impediments to women’s economic participation, thereby affording women everywhere the right to compete fairly in the economy.
Moderator: Cristina Sánchez Vebber, Partner, Sánchez Devanny (Mexico)
Presenter: Margarita Zavala de Calderón, Former First Lady of Mexico & Attorney
Women, Leadership & the Law

Perspectives on Pharmaceutical IP Law in Mexico
Sustaining and supporting innovation and access are critical issues with significant implications for patients and the healthcare industry in Mexico. This session will examine the role Mexico’s agreements with its trade partners have played in facilitating greater access to innovative medicines and the legal and regulatory measures being put in place to protect medical innovation so that patient access to new treatments and cures continues to expand.
Moderator: Juan Luis Serrano Leets, Partner, Sánchez Devanny (Mexico)
Presenters: Juan Carlos Macouzet Rincón, Head of Legal, Merck Group
Juan Pablo Malfavon, Latin America Region Counsel
Fernando Portugal Pescador, Director of Intellectual Property, Asociación Mexicana de Industrias de Investigación Farmacéutica