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Tim Corcoran is the Founder of Corcoran Consulting and a former CEO who now guides global law firm and law department leaders through the profitable disruption of dated business models. As a change agent, Tim’s focus is on helping law firms operationalize their strategy, improve profits with project management and process improvement, embrace profitable alternative fee arrangements, assess and improve partner compensation plans, design new financial metrics and dashboards, build effective operations, train current and future leaders, refine business development skills, and embrace technology. Tim is a Trustee and Fellow of the College of Law Practice Management, former President of the LMA, an American Lawyer Fellow, and the author of the widely read Corcoran’s Business of Law blog.

Impact of China’s Trade Disputes
John Tang, Business Director/Partner, DHH Law Firm (Beijing)
Sun Yi, Lawyer, DHH Law Firm (Beijing)
Harry Fang, Senior Partner, DHH Law Firm (Beijing)
Martin Hu, Senior Partner, MHP Law Firm (Shanghai)

Breakout Roundtables
Bankruptcy and Insolvency
Foreign Investments and International Trade
Technology and Digital Economy

India Tech Sector – The Big Picture
Sajai Singh, Partner, J. Sagar Associates (India)
Chair International Bar Association (IBA)
Technology Law Committee