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October 8, 2020 (Washington, DC) – Voting representatives from SCG Legal have voted in five new member firms, expand the network’s membership to 117 firms across 59 countries totaling more than 12,000 attorneys.  The new member firms to join include, Scharf Banks Marmor LLC, Batalla, Skau Reipurth & Partnere, Beauchamps, and Dilinh Legal, effective  October 12, 2020.

“We are pleased to welcome these five new member firms to our worldwide network, each of which is highly ranked in its home jurisdiction,” noted Alina Gorokhovsky, CEO, SCG Legal.  “Our new members will further our global reach, expand our resources and extend expertise and influence across the full-range of legal practices to assist clients with matters of all sizes.”

Dynamic collaboration, a hallmark of SCG Legal, ensures member firms attract and retain clients from a wide variety of industries that offer more value and a full suite of international services. The new firms to join SCG Legal will enable members to better serve clients through its trusted referral network of experienced and politically connected attorneys and professionals.

SCG Legal’s new member firms include:

CHICAGO: Scharf Banks Marmor LLC was founded in March of 2012 and is a women-owned firm whose 13 partner-level attorneys come from leading AmLaw 100 firms and Fortune 100 corporate law departments. Firm representative: Stephanie Scharf,

COSTA RICA: Batalla, located in San José, is a multidisciplinary firm of lawyers, trade specialists, accountants and economists who work hand-in-hand to provide high-quality legal and regulatory counsel to international companies. Firm representative: Mariano Batalla,

DENMARK: Skau Reipurth & Partnere is a full-service entrepreneurial law firm located in Copenhagen. The firm provides legal and commercial counsel for national and international clients in practices ranging from corporate, construction and employment to data protection, IT and IP. Firm representative: Rasmus Schmidt,

IRELAND: Beauchamps, one of Ireland’s leading full-service commercial law firms, has been located in Dublin since its core was founded in 1803. The firm currently has 190 professionals throughout 30 practices and industry sectors. Firm representative: John White,

VIETNAM: Dilinh Legal is a full-service corporate/commercial law firm located in Ho Chi Minh City. Firm attorneys focus on clients in manufacturing, technology, real estate and life sciences. Firm representative: Michael Lee

Press Release


As we look ahead to the end of what has been for many a personally and professionally challenging 2020, SCG Legal is firmly focused on assisting its member firms in closing out the year successfully—and setting up for even greater success in 2021—by organizing strategic activities that offer legal industry insights for resilience, collaboration and business development opportunities.

We are excited to announce that this December we will host SCG Legal Insights2021, an innovative virtual conference with global to local perspectives organized into three regional events: Asia, Europe, and Americas. This conference will offer your firm ideas, connections, and support to help adapt to the changing times while discovering opportunities to not just survive but thrive. Attorneys from each member firm will be able to login for interactive practice- and industry- specific roundtables, networking opportunities with member firms from all over the world and to participate in a critically important ‘Thriving in the New Normal: Post Pandemic Landscape’ conversation.

Each regional event will feature:

  • Insights from a renowned economist on the global economy, including what industries will be impacted by the U.S. elections and during COVID recovery as well as what a post-COVID recovery might look like;
  • Virtual practice sessions, interactive panels and roundtable; and
  • Networking and ideas sharing.

Please look to your inbox for an invitation next week. In the meantime, please save the dates for the regional events (below). All attorneys from SCG’s member firms are welcome to register for one or more of the regional events as each will offer different programming and networking opportunities as well as some common elements.

Call to Action: Save the Date!

  • European Regional Conference:  December 1, 2:00 – 5:30 pm (Central European Time)
  • Americas Regional Conference: December 9, 4:00 – 7:30 pm (Eastern Standard Time)
  • Asia & Pacific Rim Regional Conference: December 15, 1:00 – 4:30 pm (China Standard Time)

This summer, SCG launched a new webcast series called GlobalSpin to offer our member firms and their clients timely and relevant information on legal and public policy issues affecting industries and countries around the world. Each 20-minute (or less) webcast features a conversation between two or three lawyers (either in-house counsel or from member firms) sharing facts, points of view and predictions on topics ranging from legal updates, business environments, elections, regulatory and social issues (in their diverse environments) to the post-pandemic landscape. These webcasts are pre-recorded so participants have an opportunity to review the recording and work with SCG’s team to make any necessary edits. Webcasts are only posted after being approved by participants. All the webcasts are promoted globally and have gained momentum on social media channels. Additionally, SCG is now working with member firms to help them interview their clients and laterals for webcast and podcast promotions. Below are the most recent posted episodes, with many, many more in production:  
#SCGGlobalSpin USA 2020 Presidential Election Executive Branch Discussion: Part 1
#SCGGlobalSpin Mexico Legal Update
#SCGGlobalSpin Iceland and Romania Legal Update
#SCGGlobalSpin Austria Legal Update
#SCGGlobalSpin Brazil Legal Update
#SCGGlobalSpin Colombia Legal Update

Call to Action: By September 2021, the goal is to have at least one GlobalSpin episode featuring each member firm. Please contact Diane Case to discuss scheduling your firm for an episode.

Virtual Business Development Activities
While the pandemic has created unprecedented business challenges, it has also created incredibly novel opportunities for our member community to support one another through partnering, cross-selling and referral activities. Between the webinars, new regional calls and virtual networking events, SCG has noticed a higher level of esprit de corps. One of the benefits of virtual (versus in person) activities is that they can be more frequent—so there is a better chance that one or more will work for people’s schedules—and can include more attorneys and professionals from each member firm. This focus on relationship development will be critical to our community’s continued success through the rest of this year and into 2021.

SCG’s recent webinar Develop Business in a Virtual Landscape discussed a wide range of virtual client outreach efforts that can be easily implemented and provide ample opportunities for member firms to partner. Below are some examples of these virtual events:

  • Book clubs featuring authors
  • Casino/poker night (using apps like PokerStars or 888Poker)
  • Charity fundraisers
  • Cheese tastings
  • Libation (wine, whiskey/scotch, etc.) tastings
  • Comedy shows as well as virtual comedy classes
  • Corporate counsel wine/scotch/whiskey tasting club (firms invite clients and ask them to invite others in their network, ship monthly libation packages for the tastings, which are every other week)
  • Dinner parties (participants order from same restaurant eat dinner together at home and connect via Zoom)
  • Flower/gardening clubs
  • Mocktails (networking gamification)
  • Outside networking (social distanced events, golf, yoga, movie night in the park, etc.)
  • Recipe/cooking club (share recipes and meet over Zoom to taste, evaluate and plan the next dish)
  • Referral meetup (weekly recurring coffee date or Happy Hour with three-five referral sources or between firm colleagues to explore synergies)
  • ‘Vacation Memories’ Happy Hour (each person shares five pictures from one of their last vacations and describes why it has meaning for them)
  • Sip and pain tutorials (art classes)
  • Speaker series (many sought-after speakers have open calendars so firms can feature a handful of them for an exclusive speaker series to attract a new audience)
  • Talent show (kids and adults show off their latest skills)
  • Top Chef cooking class
  • Trivia game night
  • Virtual concerts promoting local artists
  • Art/Artist showings (select one artist or 10 paintings from various artists to admire and discuss)
  • Virtual Sporting events watch parties
  • Volunteering events (make COVID masks together for donation)       

Call to Action: Given the current limitations on in-person networking events, SCG’s member community needs to work together intentionally and strategically to introduce clients to each other and form business development teams to help promote each other’s attorneys and firms. If your firm is interested in partnering with another member firm to organize a virtual event, please let me or Diane know. SCG is happy to help organize and/or sponsor virtual client events as long as they involve firms working together.

As we all look forward to the pandemic subsiding as soon as possible, SCG Legal will continue to do its best to keep member firms connected and engaged while also offering programming and client development opportunities that help individuals strengthen their skills in areas such as business development, team building, problem-solving, communication, management, leadership, client service, etc.

As always, please do not hesitate to reach out to me with any ideas, questions, or requests for support.

All the best,

Alina Gorokhovsky

SCG Legal
T:  202.580.6527