We Are Launching #WeAreResilient to Build Connections and Support Charities
Given the unexpected and extreme overlapping of our home and work lives during the past few weeks, feeling connected while staying apart has emerged as a common challenge. As a way to address our current reality while continuing to build critical connections within our network, SCG is launching the #WeAreResilient! social media initiative. Whether it’s virtual happy hours, pets unknowingly interrupting important conference calls, unique home office setups, favorite Zoom backgrounds, clever recipes or creative teaching techniques from parents now deputized as teachers, we want to show the world how resilient, resourceful and truly incredible our members are! With that in mind, we invite you to share photos, videos and/or narratives that offer moments of joy and “cuteness,” tips, insights, and working from home best practices. Your submissions will be posted—and tagged with #WeAreResilient!—in SCG’s online Instagram community to further unite our network while building our community’s presence through shared social platforms. During April and May, any member who offers a submission will be entered into raffle drawings to win a $500 donation to his/her preferred charity. Raffles will occur for every 30 submissions and you can be entered in more than one raffle, but you can only win once. Please email your pictures, videos and/or short narratives to Diane at dcase@scglegal.com.

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Leaning into the Future: Taking Time Today to Plan for Tomorrow
As the pandemic continues to force new business and economic realities—and as things slow down in August—many attorneys are reevaluating their 2020 business goals, while setting priorities for the rest of the year. They are looking candidly at their pipeline of activities, pivoting their actions to match the current environment, and adjusting their goals and objectives to address today’s challenges while also mapping out strategies for how to succeed in 2021 and beyond.

It has repeatedly proven true that attorneys with annual business plans and a five-year vision for their careers enjoy a higher level of success and lower levels of anxiety than those who do not take the time to think ahead. Having a plan is important, but it is the process of actually putting together the plan that drives the most value.

In case you are not yet convinced, below are some critical reminders that speak to the benefits of taking the time to complete your business plan. (I have restricted space here, so contact me if you want 50 more!)

Planning ahead…

  • Forces you to really think about your practice.
    • Take two hours each year to stop and reflect on your past while identifying opportunities and prospects for your future.
  • Gives you a clear vision for the year and allows you to be in charge of your own destiny.
    • Studies show that individuals with plans procrastinate less than those without them.
  • Offers a structured way to revisit your ‘to-do’ lists and actions, which helps with personal and professional accountability.
  • Ensures you will have business down the road.
    • Having a business development pipeline of client prospects and activities is important not just for you but for your colleagues and your firm.
  • Focuses your time and resources on the best opportunities.
    • Taking the time to think about your clients and prospects—versus being caught up in a reactive work cycle—is incredibly valuable.
  • Allows you to recognize, measure, and communicate results.

Additionally, sharing your business plan with your firm’s Marketing team and other partners within the firm invites opportunities for more collaboration and cross-selling while ensuring the best possible allocation of firm resources and support.

Making the Plan
Your plan does not need to be overly complicated or formal. To craft a vision for your next 12 months, take an hour (at minimum) to really reflect on the past 12 months and to answer the two questions below.

  1. Who are the 20-specific contacts (clients/prospects/law school alumni, referral sources, etc.) you will commit to connect with before the end of 2020? Important: If, after a few months, you want to update (swap in/out) names, that’s great! Your business plan is a living document. Also, just the act of identifying and writing down on paper a prospect list of contacts improves the likelihood of your outreach efforts by 300+%.
  2. How should you invest and prioritize your business development and marketing time now that there are less opportunities to meet with people in person?

For example:

  • Learn more about SCG Legal’s member firms and connect with attorneys in the network.
    • Diane and I are happy to assist with these efforts, including setting up roundtable discussions. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us for this.
  • Participating in SCG Legal’s GlobalSpin webcasts, which are being promoted globally.
    • As we announced last month, SCG Legal launched a new webcast series called GlobalSpin to provide news and information about industries and government actions around the world for members and their clients. Click here to view podcasts. Each 20-minute (or less) webcast features conversations between attorneys from different firms in different countries or states sharing facts, points of view and predictions on topics ranging from legal, regulatory and social issues (in their diverse environments) to the future of the political landscape. If you are interested in recording a GlobalSpin webcast, please contact Diane. 
  • Organize webinars, roundtable, or other types of virtual events.
  • Actively participate in legal or industry associations—be sure to list them by name in your plan—even if the meetings are virtual, they are still valuable opportunities to gain introductions and stay connected.
  • Contribute to alerts/blogs/newsletters/other publications that your firm produces…or partner with someone from another SCG Legal member firm, a referral source or even a client in your jurisdiction to put together thought leadership content for publication through your firm or SCG Legal, on social media, etc.
    • SCG Legal can help promote your content globally.
  • Stay engaged through social media, including and especially on LinkedIn. Identify your clients or prospect clients who are active on the platform and engage with them.

I fully agree with Fitzhugh Dodson’s famous quote: “Without goals, and plans to reach them, you are like a ship that has set sail with no destination.”

I cannot stress enough the importance of business planning. In my 25 years in the corporate and law firm marketing, operations, and business strategy field, I have seen a significant and direct correlation between business plans and success. Attorneys who take the time to complete and execute their business plans are far—plain and simple—more likely to successfully expand their books of business.

 As always, please do not hesitate to reach out to me with any ideas, questions or requests for support.

All the best,