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March 2022

From the pandemic to Europe’s largest military conflict since World War II, it seems the world is moving from one troubling event to another.

Based on my very personal experience – a recent trip (detailed below) to Romania to help my Ukrainian cousins flee to safety – the efforts and activities of SCG Legal’s global community are extraordinary. I am so honored to have an opportunity to work with all of you. Our member firms are partnering not just on business…not just on humanitarian missions…but in life as friends and family.

Given how these new and unprecedented global challenges are impacting our business communities and economy, I highly recommend you join us for the 2022 Midyear Meeting in Lisbon May 19-20. Our keynote speaker and expert panelists will be offering vital insights and open discussion on a wide range of timely and critically relevant topics, including anticipated short/long-term fallout from Russia’s attack on Ukraine, which will trigger a very tangled web of legal, political and economic responses from governments around the world.

Some of that fallout is already rippling through capital markets and boardrooms as businesses grapple with how to respond to an increasingly unpredictable landscape. With that in mind, the Midyear Meeting will also offer opportunities for participants to discuss how best to work together through proactive network referrals and cross-selling activities to support colleagues and clients. This is why it is so important to have as many member firms as possible attend the event. Those that do will make a tangible difference in how our member community navigates through the challenges impacting intertwined political, economic and social ecosystems.

The agenda for this Midyear Meeting is designed to provide ample opportunity for quality networking, professional and business development offerings that give you the insight and skills needed to successfully engage with SCG’s member community and the necessary tools to address the changes and challenges heading our way.

Panel discussions will include:

  • Managing Partner Panel – Environment, Social, Governance (ESG) Discussion
  • A Conversation with In-House Counsel
  • Cybersecurity/GDPR and Privacy
  • Cross-border Mergers & Acquisitions Trends
  • Impact of Sanctions on Russia
  • International Arbitration Key Themes
  • Insurance Industry Trends
  • Global Challenges Facing Entertainment, Hospitality & Tourism Industries

Click here for more details and to register…today. Space for this meeting is limited and we are nearing capacity as COVID continues to place restrictions on meeting facilities and social venues.

SCG Legal remains committed to making the health and well-being of its members a top priority. In support of that goal, we are launching additional wellness programs and mental health-focused initiatives this year to ensure our network has beneficial information and targeted resources readily available for personal use and to share with colleagues, family and friends. These programs provide tips, tools and suggested actions that focus on and support a healthy, productive and balanced life. Below are future events with more to be scheduled soon.

Widen Your Window of Tolerance, Decrease Allostatic Load
March 24, 2022 @ 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. (EDT)
Speaker: Denise Gaskin, M.S., Ph.D., Founder & President, RavenWork, Inc.

Click here for more information

Mental Health Matters: Essentials for Leaders
April 12, 2022 @ 10:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. (EDT)

Speaker: Jessie Spressart, Managing Director, Optia Consulting

Click here for more information

In addition, we continue to experience steady replays of past well-being webinars (links to the recordings are listed below, all under an hour long), especially as anxiety levels rise in response to increasingly uncertain circumstances around the world. Please do not forget to tap into – and freely share with colleagues, clients, friends and family – these resources. And please do not hesitate to contact me if you have ideas for additional topics we can add to our developing list.

My Journey to Help My Cousins from Ukraine Seek Safety in Romania
Two weeks ago I traveled to Romania to see my family to safety. Click here for the full story and how the SCG community played a significant role in this mission.

As shared in my story, I will never be able to adequately express my gratitude to everyone in our network who helped my cousins cross the border to safety. But I can offer my resolute opinion that family is not just something you are born into, it’s also something you build. I knew that before this crisis, but now I have felt the full force of this truth as part of the SCG Legal community. There are no words, no deed to be done that can fully repay or fully acknowledge the debt of gratitude I owe Charles Venron, his wife Alina (yes her name is also Alina) and the Vernon | David team who continue to support my cousins while they stay in Romania.

Being part of SCG Legal’s global community is so humbling and such an honor. I would be remiss if I didn’t also share that Domanski Zakrzewski Palinka, our Polish member firm, is working with hundreds of Ukrainian refugees—there are now more than 1.5 million in Poland—to help them find housing and support. In fact, the firm was able to assist family members of GOLAW, a Ukrainian law firm on the cusp of joining SCG Legal prior to the invasion, find places to stay in Poland. And even as the war rages on, GOLAW’s attorneys continue to provide support for individuals…family, friends, colleagues and clients of their firm as well as of SCG Legal member firms—while SCG’s European firms have formed dedicated teams to help Ukrainian refugees come to their countries or to evacuate to other safe places.


I suspect we have a very (very) long year ahead. I also believe that if we continue to support each other, we will survive…and maybe even thrive as this new version of our connected world pieces together.

Please…reach out and suggest thought leadership content, events and activities that will bring members together as well as promote the capabilities of member firms to each other and to clients. The collective strength of our community exceeds most other legal industry organizations, and full advantage should be taken of the benefits our global network has to offer.

I am very grateful for your commitment to the network! Please do not hesitate to let me know if you have any questions, and certainly reach out at any time with suggestions for how we can help position you and your firm for even greater success.

Alina Gorokhovsky
CEO, SCG Legal