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SCG Legal Announces 2021 Above and Beyond Award Winners: Honorees Helped Build Network into Premier Global Community of Independent Law Firms

October 7, 2021 (Washington, DC) – SCG Legal, a worldwide network of 120 independent law firms across 60 countries, connected by a shared vision for premier legal practices and industry leadership, recently announced the 2021 winners of its Above and Beyond Award, an annual honor introduced in 2020 to celebrate the efforts of attorneys from member firms who go ‘above and beyond’ in their support of and commitment to the network’s success.


SCG News

I hope you, your family, friends, and colleagues are doing well.
As the haze of the pandemic starts to lift…as vaccination numbers continue to climb…as life around the world returns to ‘normal,’ SCG Legal’s focus remains the same: to help you navigate and manage the changes in our industry while developing referral and cross-sell opportunities for member firms.

To that end, we will continue to organize webinars, podcasts and virtual events as well as meetings by practice area and region to provide as many business and professional development opportunities as possible for our member community.

Thursday, September 23 – Friday, September 24
InterContinental Mark Hopkins Hotel, San Francisco, CA
Click here for additional details.

Registration is now open and firms across the globe—office policies and travel controls permitting—are signing up to attend SCG’s first in-person event in more than a year.

Attendance is expected to exceed 40 firms with many registering two to three attorneys each.

The event agenda will be grounded in timely, insightful professional and business development programming while offering generous opportunities for networking. Highlights of the event will include a discussion of post-pandemic economic and behavioral influences that will shape the legal landscape as well as a panel presentation on macroeconomic predictions for 2022, industry expectations and risks, and how the pandemic and vaccination efforts will impact the economy in Q4 2021 and beyond.

Over the course of two thoughtfully orchestrated days, numerous networking opportunities will surround dynamic, interactive subject matter experiences including:

  • In-House Counsel Roundtable
  • Managing Partners Panel
  • Women in Law Activities
  • Employment Law Discussion
  • Cybersecurity/Privacy and GDPR Practice Outlook
  • Government Relations Taskforce Update
  • Bankruptcy and Insolvency Practice Forecasts
  • Cannabis Industry Discussion

Without question, the health and safety of meeting participants will be a top priority for us, and the event hotel has significant COVID safety precautions on-site, including preparing conference facilities to more than adequately accommodate health and social distancing needs as well as working with Wellness 4 Humanity, a health care consultancy that can offer fast, on-site COVID tests (if needed).

Additional Programming
Respecting the reality that many of our network members will not be able to attend the 2021 Annual Meeting in person, SCG is putting into place plans to record as many sessions as possible. Recorded content will be used for virtual events throughout the balance of the year.

Plans are underway for several in-person regional meetings in 2022 as well as the mid-year meeting in May in Lisbon and the Annual Meeting in Toronto in September.

We will also continue to produce our #SCGTHRIVE Webinar series. The following programs have received wonderful reviews, and I hope you have an opportunity to watch them as well as share them with others at your firm. (Each program name is linked to the on-demand recording.)

New Member: Zunic Law (Serbia)
Please welcome new member Zunic Law (Serbia), a full-service firm with a successful 30-year track record in not only the practice of law, but innovation in law. As members of the firm begin to engage in SCG activities, please feel free to reach and introduce yourself and your firm to Zunic Law’s Voting Representative: Nemanja ŽunicPhone: 381 63 185 84 58, Email:

Member Mergers
Congratulations to the following firms, which have expanded and strengthened their service offerings through recent mergers.

  • Fennemore (Arizona) Fennemore (Arizona) completed a strategic merger with Dowling Aaron, welcoming nearly 100 legal professionals to create a law firm of approximately 350 lawyers.
  • Amit, Pollak, Matalon & Co. (Israel) expanded its Real Estate and Family Wealth Management practices by merging with Goldman, Erlich, Edelstein, Avigad & Co, one of Israel’s leading boutique firms.
  • GvW Graf von Westphalen (Germany) will welcome a large lateral group in July, expanding its capabilities throughout the country in a wide range of practices.
  • DeWitt LLP (Wisconsin) announced Gerbers Law, S.C., combined its practice with DeWitt LLP and began operations as DeWitt LLP in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Gerbers Law was established in 1993 by attorney Terry J. Gerbers. Its attorneys practice primarily in the areas of commercial and business law, real estate, civil litigation, banking, probate, estate and business succession planning.

Please find additional information below introducing many new laterals to our member firms. Congratulations to all the firms that have attracted new talent under these challenging legal market conditions. SCG looks forward to working with your incoming attorneys.

Central America Strategy
Call to action for U.S. member firms with clients in Central America
U.S. President Biden’s administration has unveiled an additional $310M in U.S. aid to Central America, launching a very focused strategy to develop new business opportunities in the region by working with large and small companies as well as academic institutions. Participation is expected from but not limited to Accion, Bancolombia, Chobani, Davivienda, Duolingo, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, Mastercard, Microsoft, Nespresso, Pro Mujer, Tent Partnership for Refugees, and the World Economic Forum.

If you have clients or contacts, including anyone working with or for the above companies (click this link for a list of contacts at each company), operating or planning to operate in Central America, please let me know and don’t hesitate to reach out to the following member firms in the region.

SCG will be launching a Central America Business Opportunities Global Spin webcast series, which will feature timely information that you can share with your colleagues, clients, and network. More information will be available on this series soon.

Staying Connected While Being Apart
SCG recognizes the challenge in trying to stay connected while being apart, which is what fuels our primary objective for 2021: to provide strategic opportunities for direct and meaningful engagements that strengthen and expand current relationships while building new ones. One way we believe this can be accomplished is by inviting and encouraging participation in SCG activities from multiple attorneys in your firm. Below is a list of our standing meetings for the rest of the year, most of them either monthly or every other month. Please promote these activities across your firm and join me in setting a goal of having at least three members, at a minimum, from your firm participate regularly. We will also be hosting smaller roundtables and country-to-country/state-to-state/province-to-province team-oriented programs. (If you do not see a practice or topic that is important to you/your firm, please reach out to me directly so we can discuss how to incorporate it.)

2021 SCG Legal’s Standing Virtual Meetings

  • Regional Meetings: Asia, Canada, Europe, Latin America, and U.S. (North, South, Midwest, West)
  • Europe and U.S. Bankruptcy Council (Europe and Americas)
  • Women in Law Taskforce
  • Government Relations Taskforce
  • Employment Practice Group
  • Cannabis Practice Group

Global Spin
In our most recent Global Spin, Undoing Trump: What President Biden’s Administration is Keeping, and Discarding. More than 6 months into his administration, President Biden has signaled what his priorities will be going forward, which includes dismantling some of the key policies of the previous administration. Join host Jeffrey Brooks (Adams and Reese) as he speaks to Stacy Harvie (Adams and Reese) about what President Biden is keeping from the previous administration, what he’s undoing–and most importantly, where the administration goes from here.

SCG Legal Global Spin are open discussions between member attorneys that provide timely information for firms and their clients about legal, regulatory, and societal issues around the world. Please contact Diane Case if you have a practice area or topic you would like to spotlight.

Other recent episodes include:

–  How Alaska and Hawaii Have Managed COVID-19 and the Vaccine Rollout 
–  State of Auto Manufacturing in Mexico and Where it Goes from Here
–  Clean Energy, Renewables, and More: An Energy in Europe Roundtable

SCG is committed to delivering industry content and connections that strengthen our community’s professional and business development activities. We are working daily to devise and deploy strategic initiatives – enhancing networking between member firms to reinforce our strong support system, timely and targeted business intelligence, critical cross-selling and referral opportunities – that will help our member firms not just survive current market condition but thrive now and in the future.

Your thoughts on what would best help you and your firm are always welcome. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me with your questions or suggestions.


Alina Gorokhovsky
cell: 442 928 4039