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I hope you and your family, friends and colleagues are doing well and finding ways to keep mentally and physically healthy during these challenging times.

March 2021 marks one year since the pandemic changed the way we interact personally and professionally. Shifting to an almost completely virtual dynamic has created some real challenges, but it has also opened a world of opportunities and possibilities for global connectivity. I believe—and hope you agree—that active participation in SCG’s shared online community is one surefire way to foster and fortify a healthy, long-lasting environment for business and professional development as well as cross-selling collaborations. 

Staying Connected While Staying Apart

While much progress has been made around the globe regarding COVID-19 safeguards and vaccinations—and many of our member firms have been involved in this progress…thank you!—there is still a long way to go and a wide variance in how different countries are approaching the situation. With the safety and well-being of our members always top of mind, we have decided to reschedule our in-person May 2021 Portugal meeting to May 2022. At the moment, we still anticipate an in-person San Francisco 2021 meeting September 23-24 and will notify you immediately if a decision is made to alter this event.

We recognize the challenge in trying to stay connected while staying apart, which is what fuels our number one objective for 2021: to provide strategic opportunities for direct and meaningful engagements that strengthen and expand current relationships while building new ones. One way we will accomplish this is to invite and encourage participation in SCG’s activities from multiple attorneys in your firm. At the end of my message, you will find a list of virtual activities we already have planned, focusing on smaller roundtables and country-to-country/state-to-state/province-to-province team-oriented programs. (If you do not see a practice or topic that is important to you/your firm, please reach out to me directly so we can discuss how to incorporate it.)

Referrals on the Rise

It should come as no surprise that firms consistently engaging with the network—building relationships with many attorneys across multiple firms and practices—saw an increase in referrals last year. When our members connect to strategize about and invest in each other’s success, they tend to generate more revenue for their firms and reinforce relationships with important clients.

As we are all aware, it can take years of hard work and many interactions to establish the level of trust needed to underpin an active referral partnership. But, once this foundation is formed, the exchange is almost seamless and the prospects near limitless.

It is my belief that every attorney actively engaged in SCG’s community shares a common goal of retaining and growing their client-base, especially in today’s environment where global firms tend to aggressively dominate many of our legal markets. Working together means our network can develop more business between and for member firms while also building barriers to entry against global firms targeting our clients. Through this lens, it becomes clearer that being a visible presence in SCG’s community is essential to generating a steady flow of referrals while bulletproofing your client base. Significant referrals and introductions to clients tend only to happen when attorneys know each other and trust not only a firm but its partners. Keeping your firm and its practices top-of-mind without regular engagement by multiple lawyers across the network can prove difficult as well as limit interactions to only reactive matters. Developing a proactive, multi-attorney strategy of engagement across the network will not only improve your return on investment in SCG, it will also positively impact your firm’s bottom line.

2021 SCG Legal’s Activities

As mentioned, below is a list of activities for the next six months. They have been curated to offer content as well as connection/networking opportunities similar to what would have been available at our on-site/in-person meetings. Please promote these activities across your firm and join me in setting a goal of having at least three members, at a minimum, from your firm participate regularly.

Standing Meetings

  • Bi-Monthly
    • Regional Meetings: Asia, Canada, Europe, Latin America, and U.S. (North, South, Midwest, West)
  • Monthly
    • Europe and U.S. Bankruptcy Council (Europe and Americas)
  • Women in Law Taskforce
  • Government Relations Taskforce


  • #SCGTHRIVE Webinar Series
    • March 9: 10 Steps to Beating Burnout While Working Remotely
  • How Will COVID-19 Fundamentally and Permanently Alter Our Lives and Business Practices
  • Drive Client Loyalty and Build Business by Understanding the Voice of Your Client
  • Getting Back to the Office
  • Third-Party Finance Opportunities – Litigation Finance is Prepared for Post-COVID Challenges
  • There is No Going Back: How COVID-19 is Forcing Courts into the Digital Age
  • Preparing Your Firm for the Post-COVID-19 Marketplace

New Practice Initiatives

Diane will be in touch with the Voting Representatives to help us assign attorneys from each firm to participate in the following new practice groups.

  • Corporate/M&A
  • Emerging Technology (e.g., drones, autonomous vehicles, 5G)
  • Employment Practice
  • Healthcare
  • Litigation
  • White Collar


  • Internet, E-commerce and Social Media Regulation
  • Fintech/Digital Currency
  • Emerging Tech
  • Cannabis
  • Drones
  • Digital/Data Transfers (GDPR/Privacy/Cyber)
  • Insurance
  • Real Estate Concepts for Post COVID Office Space

Virtual Conferences

  • Insights2021 Asia: March 31, 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM (China Standard Time)
  • Spring Insights2021 Americas and Europe: May (in lieu of Portugal meeting)

Global Spin

In our most recent Global Spin, Managing People Through Difficult Times: Loss and Leadership in 2021, Erica Tarpey (Ireland Stapleton), Lisa Borsook (Weirfoulds), Stephanie Scharf (Scharf Banks), and Jim Frazier (McBrayer) discuss the unique difficulties they have faced during these unprecedented times, and the solutions and best practices they have developed as a result. Topics include: coping with the loss of colleagues, addressing employee mental health and wellbeing, social upheaval, the politicization of wearing a mask during COVID, and more.

SCG Legal Global Spin are open discussions between member attorneys that provide timely information for firms and their clients about legal, regulatory and societal issues around the world. Please contact Diane Case if you have a practice area or topic you would like to spotlight.

Other recent episodes include:
Workplace 2021: COVID-19, #MeToo, Black Lives Matter and Employment Law
Cannabis and the Law: What Happens When Cannabis is Legalized in America?

Please keep an eye out for emails from SCG Legal with more information about the activities outlined above and please engage as often as your interest and schedule allow.

Today’s global crisis has shown exactly how interlaced—and resilient—we are. And just like every other crisis before it, we will find our way back to a level of equilibrium that allows for forward momentum, especially if we continue to work together. SCG’s network…our commitment to each other’s success…is a shining example of this. We will not waiver from our commitment to provide you with a strong support system, timely and targeted business intelligence as well as cross-selling and referral opportunities to position you and your firm for continued success.

If I can be of further assistance or you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please do not hesitate to email or call me directly.

Alina Gorokhovsky
cell: 442 928 4039