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June 2023

Last month we hosted more than 120 participants (from 68 member firms represented across 37 countries) for our 2023 Midyear Meeting in Berlin, which now holds the record as the organization’s most well attended Midyear Meeting to date. (The previous recordholder was London in 2018 with 89 attendees.)

Attendance at SCG’s in-person events is a tangible expression of our network’s influence and value. I am thrilled we continue to grow these opportunities not only in the number of firms attending, but also in the number of attorneys attending from each member firm. As understanding and utilization of SCG’s professional development, business development, cross-selling, and referral benefits expands from you to your firm colleagues and clients, the strength and effectiveness of our global network expands as well.

I welcome your questions and suggestions for how to build on current momentum and, with that in mind, I look forward to seeing you at our 2023 Annual Meeting in New Orleans!

Alina Gorokhovsky?
CEO, SCG Legal?
T: 202.580.6527?

2023 Midyear Meeting | Berlin: A Follow Up

Session recordings will be emailed to all attendees as well as posted to the event webpage as soon as available.

If you attended the meeting and are looking for a fellow attendee and/or schedule details, the event portal on SCG’s mobile app – available to registered participants after logging in – will remain active until August 31. If you have questions/issues with the app, please contact Erin (


Registration > NOLA: Now Open

SCG Legal’s 2023 Annual Meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana will offer targeted content and dynamic networking opportunities focused on helping attorneys as well as firms navigate near- and long-term circumstances. Expect to exchange vital information, develop critical connections, gain access to essential resources and enhance key skills that will better serve you, your practice, your firm and your clients.

The agenda is in development. If you have suggestions for session topics and/or speakers – especially if you/r colleagues are interested in being part of the agenda – please email Alina (

  • Session Themes: Meeting agenda will cover timely and relevant issues related to environment, social & governance (ESG); immigration; digital currency/crypto; cross-border M&A; diversity equity and inclusion activities (DEI); energy/climate change; international commerce/supply chain; health care and litigation/arbitration.
  • Women in Law: SCG’s Women in Law Task Force is collaborating with the Women in Law affinity group of our New Orleans host firm –?Adams and Reese?– to organize a ‘lunch and learn’ from 11:00 am-1:00 pm on September 21. The lunch will welcome all women registered for the Annual Meeting as well as all female Adams and Reese professionals.


Save the Dates: ‘Not to be Missed’ 2024 – 2026 Member Meetings & Networking?

Please join us for as many of the opportunities below as possible.?If you have suggestions for session topics and/or speakers – especially if you/r colleagues are interested in being part of the agenda – please email Alina (


  • May 16 – 17: Midyear Meeting | Dublin (Ireland)
  • September 19 – 20: Annual Meeting | Los Angeles, CA (US)

2025 (specific dates TBA)

  • Midyear Meeting | Barcelona (Spain)
  • Annual Meeting | Austin, TX (US)

2026 (specific dates TBA)

  • Midyear Meeting | Melbourne (Australia)
  • Annual Meeting | Washington, DC (US)


Global Industry Events: A Watch List

SCG is monitoring member firm attendance at the following industry events to help facilitate and/or potentially sponsor networking opportunities. If you/r firm colleagues are planning to attend these events – or would like to suggest other events be added to this watch list – please email Erin ( details.

SCG Legal Partners with Coston Consulting on Global DEI Certification Program

SCG Legal has developed a proprietary Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Advocate Certification Program™ in collaboration with Coston Consulting, a leading business advisory firm with expertise in the legal industry. The program, which requires meeting key core competencies to earn the certification, has been designed to support SCG’s members in the strategic and thoughtful progression of internal, firmwide DEI efforts. (Click here for the full press release.)

The SCG/Coston team will work closely with enrolled member firms to select specific evaluation categories for certification. The categories include but are not limited to hiring and recruiting; inclusion and belonging; representation in leadership; equity; and cultural awareness and DEI training. The program is voluntary and based on a 12-month commitment.

If your firm is interested in participating in the future, please contact Alina (

New Partner Institute: A Unique Member Benefit

SCG’s original format New Partner Institute (NPI), included as a ‘no extra cost’ benefit for each member firm, is designed to springboard the careers of newly promoted partners who want to establish a competitive advantage through the right resources, tools, networking, and insights to help them become more proactive, productive, and profitable. Since its inception in 2021, this invaluable member benefit has yielded almost 100 graduates, including 66 in the 2022-2023 class.

The next NPI class will launch in October 2023, and I will be reaching out to our Voting Representatives next month with nomination(s) information.

Reminder: Tracking Referrals for Impact

As you know, it can take numerous interactions to build the rapport and establish the trust that enables client referrals. Once that foundation is laid, referrals become nearly seamless and members invest in each other’s success naturally.

As member-to-member client referrals occur, please help SCG track them. Doing so is critical to:?

  • Offer a clear/er picture of membership value, especially for annual member firm renewals and prospect member firm invitations;?
  • Ensure acknowledgement of/credit to the referring firms; and?
  • Ensure the firm receiving a referral has an opportunity to profile their practice/s.?

To ensure accurate tracking, please CC Alina ( any referral emails. If that’s not possible because of client confidentiality, please send her a separate email noting the firm you referred the client/matter to and, as able, the related practice or industry. If you have any questions/suggestions about this request, please email her directly. 

SCG Mobile App: Member Directory Available

SCG’s mobile app is gaining strength and usability as a global connection tool for business development, referral, and cross-selling opportunities. Currently all member firm Voting Representatives have a profile publicly available through the Member tab. We encourage you to download and use the app yourself as well as sharing its availability with your firm colleagues. Click here for directions to download the app and access the Member tab. SCG also uses the app for certain events like the Midyear and Annual meetings. These event portals will be limited to registered participants through a login requirement.