2024 Business Development Plans: Yours & SCG’s 

September 30, 2023

As the end of 2023 quickly approaches, that all-important task of focusing on business development plans for your personal book of business and practice group as well as strategic areas of client engagement should be top of mind.

Rapid advances in technology like AI, uncertainties in the global economy including but not limited to the looming U.S. government shut down, the lingering reality of COVID’s effects, conflicts like those in Ukraine and Israel, and shifting political landscapes elsewhere continue to push the legal industry into uncharted territories and challenges. Adding pressure to all this is the constant tug of war with Big Law/global law firms for quality talent.

To further support network members, SCG is strengthening efforts that offer collaboration across multiple jurisdictions to generate referral opportunities, share business development and operational best practices, and highlight thought leadership while supporting activities that enable cooperation in delivering value to clients and retaining the best talent possible. Please feel free to share your business plans with SCG Legal CEO Alina Gorokhovsky at agorokhovsky@scglegal.com) and we will do our best to support your efforts.

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