A worldwide network of independent, leading law firms is within reach.

Legal and public policy matters become more complex when they are hundreds or thousands of miles away in places with different cultures, different regulations, and different laws. With SCG Legal, you’ll have immediate access to legal and government affairs professionals who aren’t just experts in their area of law, they’re experts in their area of the globe.

SCG Legal’s network has the global reach, resources and influence to quickly mobilize teams that drive value and assist clients with matters of all sizes, including ‘bet the company’ representations, for a wide of variety legal matters involving complex litigation, restructurings, employment issues, M&A deals, corporate transactions and more.

We offer our clients and members a competitive advantage.
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Our Commitment to DEI

SCG Legal’s commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) extends to member professional development opportunities, mentorship programs, the composition of its board of directors and committees and its relationships with all stakeholders. In furtherance of those objectives, SCG Legal works with its member firms to institute and implement policies, programs and initiatives to promote DEI in the legal profession.

Benefits Of Membership

Immediate access to


legal experts, corporate leaders, and community advocates around the globe who know their regions inside and out


Chambers-ranked, independent firms

Multijurisdictional legal, regulatory, and public policy counsel with high-quality client service and consistency in billing

Legal teams assembled to seamlessly deliver coordinated, strategic, and cost-effective client solutions for litigation, transactional, and regulatory matters

Dynamic support through professional and personal development programs; informational podcasts; shared best practices; verified templates; practice management tools; marketing, business development and branding tool kits; client service and value tools; and technology

Knowledge building through networking with regional retreats, events and an Annual Meeting as well as a members-only Midyear Meeting

our regions

Our reach expands across 80 offices at 13 firms with more than 2,800 people in the Asia and Pacific Rim regions.

Our reach expands across 7 offices at 14 firms with more than 40 people in the Africa and Middle East regions.

Our reach expands across 17 offices at 12 firms with more than 600 people throughout Canada.

Our reach expands across 68 offices at 27 firms with more than 2,250 people in the Europe region.

Our reach expands across 40 offices at 19 firms with more than 920 people in the Latin America & Caribbean regions.

Our reach expands across 256 offices at 53  firms with more than 5,500 people throughout the United States.


The SCGThrive initiative seeks to address eminent well-being issues inherent in the legal profession, many of which intensified as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is grounded in five main pillars: Work-Life Balance, Stress Management, Authentic Connections, Healthy Habits and Mindfulness. The pillars guide a mixture of instructional webinars, proactive tool kits, practical resources and motivational activities offered regularly to support healthy, productive and balanced lives for those in or associated with the legal industry.

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