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Location: Bulgaria Contact: Sergey Penev Phone: 359 2 930 0985 Email:

Firm Profile
The roots of Penev LLP stretch back to the early 1990s. Founded in the capital, Sofia, by Mr. Sergey Penev, the Firm was previously known as Penev & Partners and prior to that, as Seplex Law Offices. The Firm has steadily grown to become one of a truly small group of Bulgarian law firms with a credible integrated network across Bulgaria and beyond, with offices in the two major cities (Sofia and Plovdiv) and international support based in London. For over 20 years in the market we have built trusted relationships with international clients (mostly European and North American), including global corporations, major investment and/or commercial banks, and governmental institutions. We collaborate with leading European and US law firms on a daily basis to best satisfy the demands of our clients. Penev LLP employs a diverse group of attorneys and staff from various educational, professional, and cultural backgrounds.

Since its inception the Firm has been on top of the political developments that have fundamentally changed the business landscape in Bulgaria, with a particular emphasis on advising foreign investors on most major privatization deals. With the recent changes in the economic landscape both globally and on a national scale, Penev LLP focuses its practice on Corporate Restructuring to help clients innovate their business and meet new challenges.

Penev LLP was the pioneer in providing summarized reliable information on legislative changes through the legal profession’s first-ever free legal newsletter “The Seplex Legal Newsletter” launched on January 1, 1996. We still continue this service which has become a valuable tool for our clients in their day-to-day activities.

Currently, our team consists of 10 lawyers at our Sofia office and 5 more at our Plovdiv and London offices. Our team is fluent in most European languages, such as English, French, German, Russian and Spanish, adding a significant value to the client-attorney relationship. We also maintain a separate real estate office offering a complete range of real estate services to foreign investors, such as brokerage and property management.

Practice Areas
Disputes Settlement
Employment and Social Security Law
EU regulations, Competition, and Antitrust
Foreign Investments, Privatization, and PPP
Intellectual Property and Data Protection
Mergers and Acquisitions Corporate
Projects, Energy, and Natural Resources
Real Estate and Construction
Tax, Finance, and Banking

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