Lily Fenn & Partners
1104, 11th Floor, Tower 1
Admiralty Centre, 18 Harcourt Road
Queensway 89, Hong Kong

Contact: Lily K.B. Fenn

Phone: 852 2522 0918

Firm Profile
Lily Fenn & Partners is a medium-size law firm in Hong Kong providing quality legal services to its local, international and PRC clients. The firm’s primary areas of practice include Civil Litigation; Corporate and Personal Insolvency; Receivership; Family Law and Matrimonial Causes; Intellectual Property Registration, Licensing and Litigation; Insurance and Personal Injury Litigation; Aviation Law and Practice; Corporate Finance; Corporate Mergers and Acquisitions; General Commercial Law and Practice; Banking and Finance; Conveyancing; Employment Law and Disputes; Probate Practice; Arbitration and Mediation; Estate and Tax Planning; Immigration; Media Law; Sport and Entertainment Law; Trust Formation and Administration.

Practice Areas
Arbitration & Mediation
Aviation Law & Practice
Banking & Finance
Civil Litigation
Construction Law
Corporate & Personal Insolvency

Corporate Acquisitions & Mergers
Corporate Finance
Employment Law & Disputes
Estate & Tax Planning
Family Law & Matrimonial Causes
General Commercial Law & Practice

Insurance & Personal Injury Litigation
Intellectual Property Registration & Litigation
Probate Practice
Sports & Entertainment Law
Trust Formation & Administration

February 2019: China (Hong Kong) member firm Lily Fenn & Partners has moved to new offices. Its new address is Office 1104, 11th Floor, Tower 1, Admiralty Centre, 18 Harcourt Road, Hong Kong. The firm’s telephone number and email address remain unchanged.