Turner Padget
1901 Main Street
Suite 1700
Columbia, SC 29202

Contact: C. Pierce Campbell

Phone: 843 656 4429

Firm Profile
Turner Padget is a vibrant multi-disciplinary firm that still seeks to reflect those early values instilled by its founders: Good lawyering and client service. Turner Padget has now taken that model beyond the borders of South Carolina, serving clients around the Southeast, and beyond. Some of our earliest lawyers are still with us, and new and exciting lawyers join us regularly, further cementing the reputation of a Turner Padget lawyer. After more than 90 years, Nat Turner’s solo practice is now one of South Carolina’s largest law firms and provides services in all surrounding states, with hundreds of employees serving a diverse client base.

Practice Areas
Commercial Litigation
Economic Development

Estate, Trust & Probate
Governmental Affairs

Professional Licensing
Real Estate
Union Campaigns
Workers’ Compensation

June 2019: Turner Padget has been named SCG Legal’s South Carolina member firm by an overwhelming vote of the membership. The firm succeeds Nelson Mullins, which had been the network’s South Carolina member firm. With seven offices and more than 70 attorneys, Turner Padget is one of the largest firms in South Carolina. Its chief executive officer, C. Pierce Campbell, is the firm’s voting representative. He may be reached by email at pcampbell@turnerpadget.com or by calling 843-656-4429. For more information, visit the firm’s website.